Raise money for treatment melanoma cancer


We raise money to help Larisa Tokareva mother of many children overcome the cruel disease - melanoma skin cancer fourth stage.

Larissa lives in the tiny village of Sala in the Sverdlovsk Region in Russia and has three children on her small salary - 280 dollars.

Skin cancer melanoma, she fell ill at the age of 45 years, but the treatment that she could offer to Russia - there are only blood tests. There are not good and qualified professionals in Russia, capable diagnosis in time and treat skin cancer, melanoma, and the more there medetsinskogo equipment and drugs for the treatment of skin cancer, melanoma.

In Russia, Doctors said that she left to live for three to five weeks, and also said that the only chance of cure skin cancer, melanoma can be - in the clinics of Germany and Israel.

The cost of treatment of the skin cancer melanoma in Israel and Germany - $ 150 000.

The mother of many children ofcourse haven't such summ of money.

Relatives and friends of Larisa Tokareva ask for help the whole world: PLEASE HELP the three children are not left without their mother!

All documents confirming the reality of the disease, posted on this site http://en.pomogite-melanoma.ru

We will be glad for any monetary assistance - can be important even 10 cents an urgent need to treat the disease.

Details raise money for Larisa Tokareva for the treatment of skin cancer, melanoma:

Bank plastic card 4276 1600 2423 3737

Webmoney R299461380790

QIWI Wallet 4890 4940 7469 4381

Contact us for any information:

Larisa Tokareva +7 (950) 651-64-15

Sister Valentina Martynova +7 (926) 239-70-34, valentina-mart@mail.ru

The more people know about the story, the sooner we can bring it a happy ending.
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